About us

Our low overheads mean that Sussex gold buyers can offer you the best prices locally!!


Zachary Landau (On Right) is the Proud co founder of Sussex Gold Buyers with a vast knowledge and experience of the trade. His story began from a young age when Zachary took a keen interest in his fathers’ business. Running in the bloodline his father was a specialized antique dealer from 1976 till 2022.

Both father and son worked extremely close in the trade, attending auctions and markets, as well as running a successful antique shop in Brighton City Centre. Branching out on his own, Zachary started buying and selling antiques and jewelry which is when he crossed paths in 2023 with Rachid Elhajoui.

Rachid (On Left) was looking for an engagement ring and it was recommended that he contacted Zachary.

Zachary sourced the perfect engagement ring from the trade and a friendship was formed leading to the creation and birth of Sussex Gold Buyers.

Initially, the duo concentrated on hiring venues and implementing road shows throughout the South East which built a highly strong customer response, interest and following. A static office was necessary for the evolution of Sussex Gold Buyers to continue offering their high quality services on a daily basis.

Offering face to face valuations, they also now arrange home visits daily to people within the locality , as well as providing a UK wide postal service.